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6 Car Technologies That Will Revolutionize Driving in 10 Years

6 Car Technologies That Will Revolutionize Driving in 10 Years
Enough with complaining that the exciting automotive future promised by your favorite childhood shows and movies never materialized. They weren't fantasies. They were just very ahead of their time. Every tech improvement in the car industry has been leading us to that exciting future.

What Does This Light on my Dashboard Indicate

My “Check Engine” Light Has Come On, and What Should I Do When It Does? When you start your vehicle, the check engine light comes on momentarily to test the engine/emission control system and bulb. The system is self-diagnostic and the light is a way to communicate trouble. The system is designed to function in a “limp home” mode when trouble occurs and the light comes on – and stays on. However, take your vehicle Auto Service Department right away (or if you are traveling, to the nearest Authorized Service Center).

What to know about Engine Overheating

Engine overheating can be dangerous. If you allow it to continue for too long, your engine can suffer permanent damage. To avoid this, pull over and shut the engine down as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to open the hood to allow the heat to dissipate more quickly after you’ve pulled over. If there isn’t a place to pull over, you can run your heater to help cool things down until you’re able to properly address the issue. When you run your vehicle’s heater, it acts like an extra radiator and helps cool an overheating engine. This might suck on a hot day, but it will help keep the engine cool, which can get you a little farther down the road.....