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  Share on Tumblr GARU TECHNIOLOGIES NIGERIA LIMITED PRESENTS AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI 2016 AUTOSHOW .  Register Here  Thank you for choosing GARUTECH as a company to introduce you to Automechanika Dubai 2016 exhibition. We look forward to welcoming you to our Company   Visiting 2016 Automechanika in Dubai  Register Here  Automechanika Dubai will feature a broad international participation. You will meet leading manufacturers and distributors; see the latest trends and service improvements from the global .

Mini Laser wheel Alighner GTWA-MM2

laser aligner
  Share on Tumblr   SPECIFICATIONS laser wheel alignment 1. simple 2. economical 3. convenient 4. high efficient Mini Laser wheel Alighner GTWA-MM2   FEATURES: 1. Robust support arms design, using 2.5 mm high quality steel 2. Using metal parts instead of plastics, working longlife and more durable. 3. High quality painting,galvanizing first then painting abrasion resistance paint 4. Adopt metal dial plate and needle, making the operation easier and increasing accuracy 5. Operated .

How to Stop an Engine from Overheating

  Share on Tumblr If your car’s cooling system is not working properly, heat can destroy your car’s engine. If you notice your car starting to overheat, taking the following steps can help prevent harm to your vehicle until you can repair your cooling system. What to Do If It’s Safe to Stop the Car Pull over. As soon as you notice the temperature gauge creeping into the “H” territory (which stands for “hot”), .

How to Find an Evaporation System Leak with smoke leakage detector

  Share on Tumblr The evaporation system, also called EVAP on an automotive vehicle, traps and captures hydrocarbon vapors in the fuel system, which is related to emission control. The EVAP system recovers gas tank vented vapors, along with excess vapors expelled during engine running and refueling. If the hydrocarbon vapors do not remain contained and recycled, they can leak to the atmosphere, contributing to ozone pollution. A smog check, or emission control inspection, .

What is the difference between tracking and four wheel alignment

  Share on Tumblr How “super” is your “trackers” Tracking and four wheel alignment? Tracking was born of a bygone era, when cars had very little or no adjustment. Any measurement and adjustment tended to be on the front wheels, for the ‘Toe’ angle only. Tracking on the fronts(sometimes called a ‘two wheel alignment’) does not take in account the direction in which the rear wheels are pointing. So if you have the fronts adjusted .