400PCS Super Tool Trolley Set (5-Wheel)

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Product Description

ITEM NO. Description SIZE(CM) Weight(KG) MOQ PCS 6699+ 400pcs Super Tool Trolley Set (5-wheel) 86.5*57*100 145 1 ● Professional tools, carries on the modular combinations. Powerful Function, fully meet the high-end customer demand, professional, standard, beautiful appearance, is a set of perfect tool solution. ● Equipped with advanced eight layers and 5 wheel, triple security lock, strong load-bearing, safety, efficiency and humanization. ● Within the creative combination to meet different customer needs, is the 4 s station, school, oems,overseas users ideal choice. Highly recommended by Land rover, jaguar, lexus, acura, Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, audi and other well-known brands.

Packing list: First Layer(6699A)72pcs 1/2″ Socket Tool Trolley Set

● 20pcs 1/2″ series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set:8~32MM ● 14pcs 1/2″ series Metric 6 -PT Long Socket Set:10~24MM ● 20pcs 1/2″ series Metric 12 -PT Socket Set:8~32MM ● 4pcs 1/2″ series Metric12 -PT Long Socket Set:10,12,13,14MM ● 4pcs 1/2″ Dr. Impact Socket:17,19,21,23MM ● 10pcs 1/2″ series Metric Socket Accessory:Quick Ratchet Handle, Extension Bar, Sliding Handle, Adapter

Second Layer(6699B)153pcs 1/4″, 3/8″ Socket Tool Trolley Set

● 40pcs Bit:Dr. Hex, Dr. 12PT, Torx, Adapter ● 12pcs 3/8″series Metric 6 -PT Socket:8~19MM ● 9pcs 3/8″series Metric 6 -PT Long Socket:8~19MM ● 8pcs 3/8″Dr. E – Socket:E8~E20 ● 21pcs 3/8″Bit Socket:Dr. Hex, Dr. 12PT, Dr. Trox ● 13pcs 1/4″series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set:4~14MM ● 10pcs 1/4″series Metric Long Socket Set:4~13MM ● 19pcs 1/4″Dr. Hex Bit Socket: Slottet,Phillips,Pozi,Torx ● 14pcs 1/4″,3/8″Socket Accessory:Quick Ratchet Handle,Extension Bar,adapter, screwdriver handle ● 7pcs 1/4″Torx Bit:T10~T40

Third Layer(6688B)34pcs Wrench Tool Trolley Set

● 21pcs Combination Wrench:6MM—32MM ● 13pcs Open End Wrench:6*7MM—30*32MM

Forth Layer:(6699C: 28PCS Wrench & Screwdriver Tool Trolley Set

● 11pcs Double Ring End Spanner:10*12~24*27MM ● 4pcs Slotted Screwdriver,Phillips Screwdriver:8*150,8*200,PH#3*150,PH#3*200 ● 12pcs L-type Wrench With Hole:6~17MM ● 1pcs Adjustable Wrench:10”

Fifth Layer:(6688C):17PCS Pliers & Screwdriver Tool Trolley Set

●9pcs Pliers: Linsman Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Grip Plier, Retainer Pliers ●8pcs Screwdriver: 3*75mm,5*100mm,6*38mm,6*150mm,PH#0*75mm,PH#1*100mm ,PH#2*38mm,PH#2*150mm

Sixth Layer:(6699D):60PCS Auto Tool Trolley Set

● 9pcs Long Hex Key set :1.5-10MM ● 9pcs Long Arm Hex Key Set:T10-T50 ● 9pcs Long Ball Hex Key set :1.5-10MM ● 5pcs Punch group:Flat spade, center punch, puncher, etc. ● 1pcs Screw Extractor Set ● 6pcs T- Socket Wrench:8-14MM ● 2pcs 1/2″ DR Cylinder head Socket,: T52,M9 (TOYOTA) ● 3pcs Spark Plug Socket:14,16,21MM ● 13pcs Auto tool:Automotive Voltage Tester,Dust Gun,Snap Off Knife,Finishing Hammer,Machinist””s Hammer,Magnetic Pick Up Tool,Blade Feeler Gauge,Tape Measure,

Seventh Layer:(6699E):35PCS Auto Tool Trolley Set

●6pcs Flare Nut Wrench Set:8*10,9*11,10*12,12*14,13*15,14*17 ●1pcs 1/2″ Torque Wrench ●1pcs Fuel Tank Cap Disassembly ●1pcs European Type Oxygen Sensor Socket, 7/8″ ●1pcs J.P Type Oxygen Sensor Socket, 7/8″ ●2pcs Oil Filter Wrench (Stainless Steel), 55MM-75MM, 75MM-85MM ●1pcs M18 Special Socket (Volkswagen MAGOTAN, Sagitar) ●1pcs Oil Screws Socket (AUDI),M16 ●1pcs Va Tire Vacuum Mouth and Remove ●9pcs 5-Star Torx Hex Key Set ●1pcs Va Tire Vacuum Mouth and Remove ●1pcs Oil Screws Socket (VW), H17*55MM ●7pcs Cool Oil Pipe Disassembly ●3pcs Fender Protection Cover Set

8th layer is empty as drawer to put things as you like


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